How To Prepare For Off-roading Emergencies

A recent visit to a state park trail to picnic with a friend brought the business executive face to face with a tree limb that was deceptively low.  The friend told him that he wanted to bring him here because he had almost died on his three wheeler when he came zipping around a corner and ran into the limb, which was an anomaly on the trail.

As the business executive was getting into off-roading, they started to talk about what riders and drivers need when they go further off the road than they intended to.

Here are some considerations for drivers that are off-road:

Ensure that you have a solid winch:

If you are driving hard and run into a ditch or patch of terrain that causes your vehicle to lose the ability to exit the area, having side by side winches along for the trip will seem like one of the best investments possible.  Normally, you will want to look for a few features that are standard on winches like the Viper Elite.  It is important to have a cable that can handle a lot of weight.  It should be able to pull over 5000 pounds.  You should also look for a winch that has motors that will automatically pull you out of the ditch when a remote is used.  Finally, all parts for the winch should be made of stainless steel or some other material so that you can keep your vehicle in the elements and not have any degradation in performance.

GPS in National Park Areas:

If you spend a lot of time in National Forests or National Parks, it is a good idea to bring along a GPS device so that you can be tied into the satellite network and always know your location.   It would be nice if you could always rely upon your smartphone, however the signal in many places that are close to off-roading is not perfect.  Some of the best GPS receivers are able to pull data from anywhere in North America, giving you exactly the data you need in an emergency.

You can also take advantage of other equipment that is designed for those temporarily trapped on the fringes of civilization.  Freeze-dried food and bottled water are normally already part of the set of things brought to the outdoors, while emergency flares and spare tires should also be nearby.  Overall, if you are going to be off-roading in a wilderness area, bringing a wagon train of supplies to make sure that you can ride or drive the whole weekend or week can help you avoid interruptions.