Using Clenbuterol as a fat loss agent for pre-competition cutting

If you plan to have a fat loss agent for pre-competition cutting Clenbuterol is the ideal drug for you. Clen is known to be a very potent fat loss agent that helps increase your energy and metabolic rates. But as usual, you still have to consider a lot of things before you take this drug.You can never do cutting cycles without bulking cycles, this is the general rule because of the fact that it’s impossible to build muscles while losing fat all together. That is why bodybuilders have a bulking cycle (high caloric diet), once this is done cutting cycles is next (low caloric diet).

Not all Clen: But you shouldn’t rely on Clen so much because this drug can only do so much unless you do your part as well. You still need to work out hard and you shouldn’t relax especially when you’re in your cutting cycles because this is the hustle phase. If you can’t perform properly it will only be a waste of this drug. Because no matter how potent the drug is it can only be as good as its manufacturers claim if you also do your part.

The Clen: The keyword here is support, it’s used primarily for support for your cutting cycles and helps you be ready and be in tip-top shape for a short amount of time. Support for:

  • Fat burning
  • Muscle building and toning
  • Increase in performance
  • Increase in strength
  • Helps with recovery after workout

You still have to be the one that will manage your diet, your exercise, control in taking the drug and discipline. Using Clen may amp the effects and hasten your cutting cycles but It does need and requires you to have a great deal of knowledge.  Because knowing this drug face to face is one of the keys in, minimizing its effects.

The effects: Like all anabolic steroids this is not an ideal drug to take on very high levels nor is it a drug to take for long periods of time. What you need to watch out for are side effects. These effects are the unwanted effects that do come along in taking the drug on high doses and for longer periods.

  • Muscle tremors
  • Palpitations
  • Tachycardia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

The worst: If that got you more cautious in taking the drug, then you haven’t known the worst of it.  The worst one is organ damage that will opt you for a lifetime of treatment. This is the downside of the drug, which is why only take it if you are already sure of what you are getting into because this drug may potentially harm you and always thinks if all the risks are worth the results.

Clenbuterol has been one of the preferred drugs for cutting cycles because of its fat burning and metabolic capabilities. Although the drug can only do so much as it is created because the person taking the drug still has to do all the hard work in order to reach their goals? Unless you are fully aware of what the drug can do positive and negative then you need to learn more before taking the drug.