The Benefits of Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Being charged with a DUI is no small matter. These charges can stay on your record for the rest of your life depending on what the judge’s decision. Not only will you lose your driver’s license temporarily, but also you may be unable to get your license reinstated for the rest of your life. This can seriously impact your mental and social health as well as your job, your children and your relationships. Going through a DUIarrest can be a stressful experience. Whether you know you were at fault or believe that you were charged wrongly, hiring a DUI lawyer can be an excellent use of your money.

Knowing the Local System

When you decide to hire a DUI lawyer, be sure to choose a local lawyer rather than one you see on television who may not have a local office. For example, if you live around Hayward, California, consider hiring an alameda county lawyer, such as Louis Goodman. Most DUIlawyers are familiar with the local judicial systems and have worked with many of the area judges. This may give them a great advantage as they fight for lessened jail time and lowered fees. They may also know many of the local police officers and be aware of the arresting officer’s record. All this information can work in your favor as the lawyer will have a much easier time than you would have in gathering information and moving through the legal paperwork.

Finding Technicalities

Just because you were arrested does not mean that you are necessarily at fault in a drunk driving charge. Some DUI arrests are made incorrectly, such as when you are not pulled over for no specific offense. Other technicalities could include not being read your rights or having roadside drunk driving tests performed incorrectly. Any technicality that the lawyer can find could get your case thrown out of court and leave you with a clear criminal record.

Enjoying Confidentiality

In most cases, anything you tell a lawyer is strictly confidential. Therefore, you can tell a DUI lawyer exactly what happened during your arrest without fearing that he or she will use the information against you. When the lawyer has all the facts, he or she can help to build a strong case for you that will get you the lowest sentence possible.

Helping in the Courtroom

DUI lawyers certainly understand the technical parts of the case. They can do tasks that you would not be granted, such as subpoenaing a police officer’s traffic report or requesting delays in courtroom appearances. They will also be on your side during the court case, doing most of the talking for you. This can help you avoid saying the wrong thing unintentionally.

Because of each of these benefits, hiring a DUI lawyer is your best option for getting disciplinary actions reduced or removed. Being charged with a DUI can come with harsh consequences, such as loss of your driver’s license, a permanent mark on your criminal record and excruciating fines or jail time. Instead of arguing your own case, take the smart route and hire a DUI lawyer who will have the best options for clearing your name and getting you back to your normal life.


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