Chris Oyakhilome is the Pastor of Christ Embassy ( Believers Loveworld Incorporated) located in Lagos, Nigeria and one of the largest churches in Africa. He travels all over the world and has a wide internet following. He has been in ministry over 30 years, and have several organizations; including the healing school and the school of Ministry. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome heart is for helping the poor, sick and youths. Pastor Chris has written well over 20 Christian books. Pastor Chris wears many hats : he has his own Christian television network. and his books are read all over the world in many languages. Over 2 million people have attended his meetings in one night. He is reported as being the second or third riches pastor in the world. Christ Embassy statement of faith is that they believe in every word of the Bible not just parts.

 He want every Christian to realize the character of the Holy Spirit that they receive once they become a follower. He also is a teacher; his school the International School of Ministry has taught ministers from all over the world. Pastor Chris states that 2017 will be the year of flourishing. He also prophesied that even though the world seems more wicked; God’s children will be able to overcome all wickedness. He also prophesied that the Gospel will go farther into ungodly places but God’s children will have the grace to survive. The president of South Africa and his wife has visited his church.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had a miracle crusade in Zimbabwe, over 100,000 people attended. This was a world wide event. The event is free. People from all over were coming to attend the service to see him heal the sick in the name of Jesus and to worship Jesus Christ. Pastor Ruth Musarurwa is the Pastor of the Zimbabwe church. The Worship and Communion Miracle Service (WCMS) is the second one they have done. The crusade will be held in Harare, Zimbabwe’s sports stadium; they have been preparing for the event. The stadium have the capacity of 60,000 seats; but they have made arrangements for the overflow. He said God has heard Zimbabwe prayers and for them to refuse to be poor. With the radio, television, and internet; he plan to take the gospel all over the world as Jesus asked.

From the different articles I have read about Chris Oyakhilome; he appears to be a true man of God. All his life subjects are Bible based answers. He is a man who wants the whole world to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. He has numerous charities and he has a heart for all youth to succeed. I did find some negativity, but that is some people’s job to find the negativity in a person. All in all he appears to be a great man of God who wants the world to be a better place by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.