Secured and unsecured loan

There are many kinds of loan people can apply for. Some loans are for business purposes but some loans are to solve personal problems and emergencies. there are many things a person needs to consider when he apply for a loan such as minimum interest rate, low prices, how much money he will be able to return. Should he return the money in whole sum or in installments? He also need o consider the availability of a specific company in a number of states and the reputation of the company.

Personal loan has many types. Each type is to help people ion different situations but there are two main types of loan, secured and unsecured loan. to get secured loan people need to provide some guarantee such as property papers or vehicle. In this type of loan, the lender keeps power over borrower and he can sell the collateral in case the borrower does not return the money. This type of loan has low interest rate but it also has risks for borrower.

Unsecured type of loan does not require any kind of security or collateral. There are many kinds of unsecure loan, such as payday loan, installment loan, and cash advance loan. People get this loan to solve their emergencies, which require urgent money. This type of loan can be beneficial for house repairs, car repairs, urgent school fee, and such things. Because this loan does not have any collateral, the lender’s money remains at risk and that is why it has high interest rate. There are not any requirements of any kind of paper work or documentation. There are a few requirements to get unsecured personal loan.

Banks do not approve payday loan because of many reasons. First, it does not have any kind of security, second reason is that people can apply for a very small amount of loan, and the third reason is that people get this loan for a small time. However, there are many money lending companies which are providing this loan to people but all these companies have been divided in to two main type. Private moneylenders who work for themselves and p2p money lenders who make two parties borrower and lender to contact to each other and they work as third party.

Searching for these companies is not a difficult task. Many online lenders are giving loan online. People just need to fill the loan application form and if it gets approval, the money will be transferred to the borrower’s account.