Canada to speed up visa processing for Pakistani students, businessmen

There have been talks between Canadian Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Ahmed Hussenand High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan, assurance has been given that Canada will speed up the visa processing for the students and the business professionals of Pakistan.

There was a dinner hosted by the High Commissioner of Pakistan for the Canadian Minister at the Pakistan house in Ottawa. They discussed that how the long and hefty procedures of visa applicants are discouraging the students in Pakistan and people who are eligible to get the visas witnessing delays.

Furthermore, there was emphasis given on trade matters too when High Commissioner proposed that the two countries should boost their trade relations and traders from both the countries should have easy access to each countries so that business professionals could meet with their potential counterparts.

There are several bottlenecks which are there for both traders and students’ visa which should be removed to maintain better relationships between the countries.

The government of Canada has been working on policies which would make sure that all the blockages of the trades and the visa process are being removed. The genuine and eligible students are given permission to enter the country. Furthermore the Canadian Minister gave the assurance to the Pakistan official that he will personally look into the bonafide applicants case who haven’t been granted permission to enter the country.

Moreover, the Government of Canada is also looking into the matter of the family reunions cases and will be giving full support to the Pakistani students in the University campuses of Canada.

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