Instagram for Ad Agencies – New Whitepaper Tips

Agency folks of all types and sizes know just how powerful a tool Instagram is. But what many don’t know is how they can best make use of the social network, especially in ways that drive real engagement and ROI for their clients. Fortunately, a brand new whitepaper lays out everything you need to know. It’s a quick read, meaning you can be up and running right away with Instagram Marketing for Ad Agencies.

Here are the top takeaways that a busy agency exec can use to make a quick impact for their clients’ accounts.

Focus on keywords.

While keywords aren’t searchable within your Instagram bio, including some keywords relevant to your audience and your niche can be helpful. Grab a notepad and jot down some words that people would be looking for that relate to your brand, products, or services. By identifying and including some of the words expected by your audience, you clarify who you are and what you do. Then your target audience will recognize when they’re in the right place.

Leverage your link.

To the frustration of marketers everywhere, your bio is the only place you can include a clickable link. So, you want to make the most of it. Your website homepage is an obvious choice—and, in many cases, it’s also the best one. However, don’t be afraid to switch things up and evaluate if there’s a different link that would make more sense in that space—such as a link to a specific campaign, product page, or landing page.

Be human and relatable.

Companies have a way of seeming somewhat far-away and untouchable. But, when marketing on social media, you don’t want that to be the case. You want to seem personable and relatable.

For that reason, skip the stiff, corporate speak or slogans and write a bio that is a little more warm, friendly, and captures your brand’s voice. People will be much more willing to interact with your account if you don’t seem like a rigid salesperson all the time!

Switch to a business profile.

After crafting a killer bio, it’s time to consider switching to an Instagram Business Profile. In the social media marketing world, there’s some debate over the effectiveness of a Business Profile.

In short, an Instagram Business Profile makes it easy for followers to recognize your Instagram feed as that of a business—rather than an individual. Similarly to how you’d look for a blue checkmark to identify a verified account, the fastest way to tell whether a specific Instagram account is setup as a business profile is to look at the bio. With a Business Profile, you can better leverage your bio information and buttons, run ads and boost awareness, and gain insights into your followers and activity.

Determine your aesthetic.

What filters do you use? What are the most prominent colors in your photos? What’s the look and feel of your Instagram feeds? You need to define your aesthetic to stay consistent.

Learn more.

Seems simple, right? Well there are dozens more pages full of handy tips for you to read, all for free. So download this new ebook for ad agencies on Instagram today.